As indicated in the text sent to you, our office has received your personnel and payroll records from the company. We are currently in the process of reviewing these records in an attempt to put together the initial pieces of evidence to corroborate your alleged employment-related claims/labor code violations. Please note that this process not only includes reviewing your records but also may include researching several facets of the law and strategizing between our attorneys. This process generally takes us two to three weeks to complete. Throughout this process or upon completion, we may have additional inquiries for you prior to taking any further action. We will reach out to you once this review is completed.

After we are fully satisfied with our review, we will provide you with our initial thoughts as to whether we believe your claim is provable based on the documentation we received. Please keep in mind that this is only our initial thoughts on the case and we will likely need further information from the defense attorney or company to come to our ultimate conclusion on the merits of your case.

Our next step will be to reach out to the defense attorney or company to discuss the merits of this case. We will likely have additional inquiries for them and ask them for additional information prior to taking further action, whether to settle the case pre-lawsuit or file a lawsuit, or come to the conclusion that we do not feel the case has sufficient merit for either. It is important to note that it is common with small to mid-size businesses, and sometimes even large businesses, that the defense counsel or company will put forth a financial hardship defense stating that the company cannot afford any significant settlement. If this is the case, we generally will require them to produce financial documentation substantiating their hardship claims.

We will follow up with you once our review is completed. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly at zach@, or text message me at (424) 234-3747. Please allow for a 48 hour response time to any emails or texts.


Zachary M. Crosner, Esq.