Consumer Protection

Fighting for the rights of consumers against corporate wrongdoings

Our firm actively investigates and prosecutes class action lawsuits for false and deceptive advertising, predatory fees and other forms of consumer fraud in order to bring justice and protection to the public.

Privacy Rights

Experienced advocates for the new frontier of privacy rights

From data breach and identity theft to call recording to biometric protections, Crosner Legal is on the forefront of privacy litigation.

Wage & Hour

Protecting workers from wage theft and harsh working conditions

Crosner Legal is a leader in employee rights litigation. We have successfully prosecuted hundreds of wage/hour class & representative actions for unpaid wages, safety and hazard violations, and other employee rights issues.

Mass Arbitrations

Innovating the mass action landscape

As corporations attempt to evade class action litigation through arbitration agreements, our firm does whatever is necessary to seek justice and protect the public, including prosecuting hundreds or even thousands of individual arbitrations.

Employee Rights

Justice for unlawfully discriminated and sexual harassement victims

Discrimination and harassment can come in many forms. Whether in the employment, housing, cyber or digital context, we are here to help level the playing field on behalf of individuals.

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