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Crosner Legal represents employees in class, collective and representative PAGA actions throughout California and nation-wide.

Workers have important rights under state and federal employment laws. Often a single employee is not in a position to protect her or his rights because the cost of and time of litigation would exceed the potential reward. In addition, acts of wage theft and other nefarious employment practices are not typically isolated and usually constitute a systemic practice affecting many employees. For these reasons, many employment-related claims are best handled as class actions.

Crosner Legal represents employees in California class and representative PAGA actions and nationwide federal collective action litigation involving wage & hour issues. Our experienced team of class action litigators have decades of experience litigating these issues, and a determination to achieve the best possible recoveries for our clients.

Our attorneys proudly represent employees who have been victims of illegal wage practices, workplace standards violations and other unlawful conduct on the part of their employers. We are experienced in all aspects of state and federal labor law and are committed to defending employees’ rights and challenging employers’ illegal business practices. Crosner Legal litigates cases on behalf of employees across a broad range of industries, including retail, food services, medical, insurance, banking and securities, among others.

Our wage & hour practice is able to handle class action and multi-plaintiff mass action cases involving:

  • LOvertime and minimum wage claims
  • LMisclassification of employees as “exempt” or “independent contractors”
  • LUnreimbursed business expenses
  • LUnpaid sales commissions
  • LForfeiture of vacation or paid time off
  • LDenial of meal or rest breaks
  • LEmployment discrimination
  • LImproper wage deductions

Wage & hour class, collective and representative actions require a tremendous amount of work which can span over several years. Crosner Legal has the resources and the seasoned team of lawyers necessary to see class action lawsuits through to the end.

Contact us today if you are interested in pursuing a class action lawsuit, or otherwise want to learn more.

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Cases & Settlements

$4.1 M

Agricultural Warehouse

Warehouse worker alleged minimum wage, overtime, meal and rest break violations in a class action against her employer, a large agricultural manufacturer, distributor and retailer. […]
$3.9 M

Warehouse Workers (Wage & Hour)

A settlement was reached on behalf of warehouse workers of a manufacturing plant. Plaintiffs’ primary allegation was that they, and the similarly situated employees, were […]
$3.7 M

Health Care Workers

Crosner Legal was lead counsel in a settlement reached on behalf of non-exempt Health care workers in California alleging wage and hour violations, including but not limited […]
$3.25 M

Security Guards

Crosner Legal was lead counsel in a settlement reached on behalf of non-exempt Security guards in California alleging wage and hour violations, including but not limited to […]