Payroll & Personnel Records Request Phase Of Litigation

This page describes in detail the payroll & personnel records request phase of litigation in your case. Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional inquiries.

Timeline For Payroll & Personnel Records Request

The Payroll & Personnel Records Request phase can take as long as approximately 1-2 months.

Payroll & Personnel Records Request

In a majority of our cases, the first step is to obtain your payroll & personnel and other employment records from your former employer. Upon us sending this request to your former employer, the company has approximately 30 days to produce your payroll and personnel file. 

However, due to COVID, most employers are requesting and we are granting extensions of a couple more weeks. Even if non-COVID times, it is not uncommon for employers to take a few additional weeks to provide these records to us. In some cases, the company will entirely ignore our request because the penalty for doing so is only $750.00.

The payroll/personnel file generally includes your time records, wage statements and other pay records, sick leave pay records, the company’s written policies, any other agreements you signed such as an arbitration agreement, meal period waiver agreement, or background check authorization form. All of these documents greatly assist in our ability to evaluate the case. 

We may have additional inquiries for you upon receipt and review of the payroll and personnel records. It generally takes us approximately 1-3 weeks to thoroughly review your records upon receipt.

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