Baby Formula Recall Lawsuit – All Sammy’s Milk Baby Food

Oct 26, 2016 | Class Action Lawsuits

Warning: California Mother’s Market & Kitchen Baby Formula Recall

All Sammy’s Milk Baby Food is being recalled by the FDA because the formula has not been tested for Cronobacter, a bacteria that can cause severe and sometimes fatal blood infection (sepsis) or meningitis in infants. The formula is sold online and California Mother’s Market & Kitchen retail store.

Consumers in California should not use or purchase Sammy’s Milk Baby Food, a powered infant formula) manufactured by Graceleigh, Inc. because the formula was not manufactured in compliance with infant federal formula regulatory standards, which is vital to protect the health of infants.

The specific product recalled comes in a 12.84oz white plastic container for all lot numbers with expiration dates of 11/2016 – 8/2018.

The FDA also released information that Sammy’s Milk Baby Food is not tested for all the 30 nutrients required to be in infant formulas under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and FDA regulations. The formula contains an insufficient amount of iron (less than 1 mg of iron per 100 Calories) as required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosemetic Act and FDA regulations, and may not provide adequate nutritional levels of iron for your infant. Sammy’s Milk Baby Food was required to included a statement on the label indicating that additional iron may be necessary, but did not.

“Inadequate intake of iron during infancy may lead to iron deficiency anemia which, if untreated, has irreversable cognitive and functional development outcomes. Low iron intake is of particular concern for infants who rely on the product as a sole source of nutrition,” according to the FDA.

If you have purchased and feed your infant Sammy’s Milk Baby Food, please bring your infant see their healthcare provider and look for the below symptoms:

Cronobacter Infection Symptoms:

In infants, Cronobacter illness generally starts with a fever. It usually includes poor feeding, crying, or very low energy. Some infants may also experience seizures. Those with meningitis may develop brain abscesses or infarcts, hydrocephalus, or other serious complications that can cause long-term neurological problems or death.

The mortality rate for Cronobacter meningitis is as high as 40%.

Iron Deficiency Anemia Symptom:

Infants with iron deficiency anemia may display paleness and/or weakness or may not show any symptoms at all. Iron deficiency anemia in infants is diagnosed by blood tests which show an abnormally low level of hemoglobin in the infant’s blood, and by other tests measuring iron status.

Inadequate intake of iron during infancy leading to iron deficiency anemia is a serious condition and if left untreated, can impair an infant’s intellectual and motor development with effects extending into childhood, adolescence, and even adulthood.

If you fed your infant Sammy’s Milk Baby Food and think they are suffering from Cronobacter infection or iron deficiency anemia, contact a healthcare provider immediately.

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