Get Refunded Your Tuition Now.

If your classes are now online, you are owed a tuition refund!

Many universities and other educational institutions have not held in-person classes for several months and have only offered classes in an online format, with little or no actual, real-time instruction from professors or instructors.

As a result, students have not been able to enjoy the educational services, facilities, access and/or opportunities that they and/or their parents had contracted and paid for. The online learning options being offered to students are subpar in practically every aspect, from the lack of facilities, materials, and access to faculty. 

Students have been deprived of the opportunity for collaborative learning and in-person dialogue, feedback, and critique, including but not limited to the discontinuance of internships and clinical placements. The remote learning options are in no way the equivalent of the in-person education that students have contracted and paid for. 

As such, we firmly believe that students are entitled to a refund of tuition and fees

for in-person educational services, facilities, access and/or opportunities that universities and other educational institutions are no longer able to provide. Even if they did not have a choice in cancelling in-person classes, these universities and educational institutions have nevertheless improperly retained funds for services that have diminished in value or are not being provided at all.

The tuition and fees for in-person instruction are higher than tuition and fees for online institutions because such costs cover not just the academic instruction, but encompass an entirely different experience which includes but is not limited to:

  • Face to face interaction with professors, mentors, and peers;
  • Access to facilities such as libraries, laboratories, computer labs, and study rooms;
  • Student governance and student unions;
  • Extra-curricular activities, groups, intramural sports, etc.;
  • Student art, cultures, and other activities;
  • Social development and independence;
  • Hands on learning and experimentation; and
  • Networking and mentorship opportunities.

For all these reasons and more, it is our belief that your schools’ actions to retain full tuition are unlawful and unfair, and we will fight for you to obtain a refund on a portion of your tuition fees. 

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