As noted in the text you received, all of the initial documents pertaining to your case have been drafted and mailed to the employer. Specifically, we sent your current or former employer a Labor Code (“LC”) 1198.5 & 226 Request for your Payroll & Personnel Records; a Private Attorney General’s Act Notice and/or a Fair Employment & Housing Administration Complaint explaining the alleged Labor Code and related California law violations; and a Letter Correspondence providing that employer must contact us to discuss a settlement within 33 days in order to avoid a lawsuit being filed.

As required by law, we must permit the employer 30 days to provide your payroll and personnel records. Many employer defense law firms will request an additional extension to provide these records (approx. 45-60 days). Upon receipt of your employment records, our attorneys will review them and provide you with an analysis as to what violations of law, if any, exist, and whether these violations are sufficient for our law firm to obtain a settlement or pursue a lawsuit against your employer.

Please also note that if you have not provided the below information yet, it is extremely important that you send it to us ASAP via mail, email or text message (see below for our contact information).

  • 2-5 pictures of one of your Paystubs (take as many pictures as necessary so we can see the entire paystub). The Paystub should be from 2015 and should include overtime (if possible);
  • 2-5 pictures of the Meal and Rest break section of your Employee Handbook OR mail us your entire Employee Handbook;
  • The Names and Phone Numbers of any Current or Former Employees who witnessed the violations of law we discussed OR had the same type of violation occur to them;
  • If you are a member of a union, your Collective Bargaining Agreement (or “CBA”);
  • if you were on a medical, pregnancy or family leave when terminated or recently before being terminated, pictures of any and all Doctor’s Notes and/or Medical Certifications.
  • If your matter includes a Wrongful Termination/Retaliation or Harassment issue, please type or write a brief Timeline of Events describing any discrimination, retaliation or harassment, including all dates of medical/pregnancy/family leaves; dates of disciplinary actions taken against you; dates of complaints made by you to supervisors or Human Resources; etc.

If you have any questions or concerns, the best way to contact us for the quickest response is by text message or email me at the contact info below. We will notify you via text message or email of any material updates as our investigation progresses. It is very important that you do not discuss this investigation with any representative of your former employer (HR, attorney, supervisor, owner, etc.) without first notifying Crosner Legal.

Best Regards,

Zachary M. Crosner, Esq.