Tyson Foods Chicken Nugget Recall Lawsuit

Oct 16, 2016 | Class Action Lawsuits

According to a recall notice posted Tuesday by the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, Tyson Foods recalled more than 65 tons of “Tyson Fully Cooked Panko Chicken Nuggets” based on consumer complaints about finding hard plastic bits within some chicken nuggets. The plastic bits ranged in size from 21mm in length and 6.5mm in diameter.

Tyson Foods explained that the plastic bits may have come from a round, hard plastic rod used to connect a plastic transfer belt, as the products pass through a metal detector, but the plastic is not detectable to this technology.

The recalled chicken nuggets were produced July 18 this year and sold in Costco stores nationwide. The biggest concern is that consumer may not notice and still have the recalled chicken nuggets in their freezers awaiting their next meal. Tyson Foods and the USDA warn that since the consumer packages sent to retailers have a use-by date of July 18, 2017 and a long shelf life.

“The products subject to recall bear establishment number “EST. 13556” printed adjacent to the “Best If Used By” date on the back of the package. The 20-pound cases were shipped for institutional use in Pennsylvania and the five-pound bags were shipped to retail locations nationally,” according to the USDA recall notice.

Consumers who have purchased these products are urged not to consume them. These products should be thrown away or returned to the place of purchase.”

The recall not only affects consumers, but Tyson also shipped 20-pound cases of “Spare Time Fully Cooked, Panko Chicken Nuggets” for institutional use.

Consumers and institutional kitchens can also use the following package information to identify the recalled products:

    • 5-pound bags of “Tyson FULLY COOKED PANKO CHICKEN NUGGETS” with a “Best If Used By” date of July 18, 2017, and case code 2006SDL03 and 2006SDL33; and
    • 20-pound bulk packages of “SPARE TIME Fully Cooked, Panko Chicken Nuggets, Nugget Shaped Chicken Breast Pattie Fritters With Rib Meat” with a production date of July 18, 2016, and case code 2006SDL03.

If you have any Tyson Panko Chicken Nuggets in your freezer, check the bag with the above information.

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