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Congratulations again! Crosner Legal, P.C. has accepted your case and accordingly with advance all costs related to the prosecution of your claim. 

The below paragraphs provide a lot of information about the next steps on your case. We will also be emailing you this same information within the next day or two. If you have any questions, please use the contact information below, or feel free to submit to the form below.

Your lawsuit has not yet been filed in court. Our law firm will be taking several steps prior to your case being filed in court. Over the next several weeks, we will be taking the following actions on your behalf:

  • Review the intake notes based on your initial phone call or other communications with us and/or referring attorneys; 
  • Request and review your employment records, such as payroll & personnel file and/or other documentation and correspondences provided by you, your former employer and/or the referring attorney; 
  • Research your former employer, including all managing agents of business, whether business is in good standing, revenue/financial condition, previously filed lawsuits/PAGA Notices that may impact our ability to pursue your case;
  • Research & internally discuss the viability of your prospective claims and prevailing on them between our attorneys and staff; 
  • Additional actions such as corresponding with opposing counsel or company owners may have been taken as well.

Our employment attorneys will then draft several documents on your behalf, such as a Fair Employment & Housing Administration (“FEHA”) Complaint; a Private Attorney’s General Act (“PAGA”) Notice Letter; a Labor Code (“LC”) 1198.5 & 226 Employment Records Request; and/or a Medical Records Request, depending on the type of claims we feel are viable to bring on your behalf. Please understand that it generally takes two to three weeks for our lawyers to draft these documents. Once drafted, we will send these documents via certified mail to your former employer and any related entities/persons. As required by law, we must permit them with 30 days to provide your employment records and 60 days to respond to the PAGA Notice Letter. Under California law, we cannot file your representative wage and hour lawsuit until at minimum 65 days after mailing certified the PAGA Notice Letter.

In order to move forward as quickly as possible, we need your assistance in gathering the following information relating to your case. You may text message, fax or email us this information (see below for our contact info):

  1. 2-5 pictures of one of your Paystubs (take as many pictures as necessary so we can see the entire paystub). The Paystub should be from 2014 and should include overtime (if possible);
  1. 2-5 pictures of the Meal and Rest break section of your Employee Handbook OR mail us your entire Employee Handbook;
  1. the Names and Phone Numbers of any Current or Former Employees who witnessed the violations of law we discussed OR had the same type of violation occur to them;
  1. if you are a member of a union, your Collective Bargaining Agreement (or “CBA”); 
  1. if you were on a medical, pregnancy or family leave when terminated or recently before being terminated, pictures of any and all Doctor’s Notes and/or Medical Certifications.
  1. if your matter includes a Wrongful Termination/Retaliation or Harassment issue, please type or write a brief Timeline of Events describing any discrimination, retaliation or harassment, including all dates of medical/pregnancy/family leaves; dates of disciplinary actions taken against you; dates of complaints made by you to supervisors or Human Resources; etc.

As your attorneys we are here to assist you in all phases of your legal claim. If you have any questions or concerns, the best way to contact us for the quickest response is by text message or email (see contact info below). We will notify you via text message or email of any material updates as your case progresses. It is very important that you do not discuss your case with any representative of your former employer (HR, attorney, supervisor, owner, etc.) without first notifying Crosner Legal.

Lastly, it is vital that you keep us informed if you change your contact information, including either phone number, email address or residence address. You will receive a text message and email from us every two 60-90 days reminding you to provide us with any changes to this information. Please fill out the form in the text and/or email we send if you change your contact information.

We look forward to representing you in this matter.

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