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Aug 7, 2019 | Background Checks

Crosner Legal has significant experience representing employees, tenants, and other consumers who rights have been violated by unlawful credit and background checks.

It is very common that upon submitting an job application, employees are required to undergo a background check. For tenants, it is common that landlords require tenant screenings which check for credit and other character information such as whether you have filed a bankruptcy or ever been evicted in the past. Credit checks and character/criminal background checks are also common with a lot of purchases, such as leasing or financing a vehicle or even financing a dental procedure. 

What you may not know is that California and the federal government have very strict requirements before a company or landlord can undergo a background, criminal or credit check. These laws operate to protect individuals from unknowingly having their personal information revealed to others, which is a your right as a citizen. 

Under California law, if a company or landlord does not provide the proper disclosure forms to an individual prior to running a background, criminal or credit check, they must pay a penalty to the individual of $10,000. Federal law tacks on another $100 to $1,000 per violation. 

It’s been my experience that companies rarely provide these disclosures properly to individuals prior to running the checks. 

As evidence of my point, here are a few companies that have settled class actions due to not obtaining proper authority to run background and credit checks: Petco ($1.2 million); Delta ($2.3 million); CVS ($1.3 million) B of A ($1.8 million); Uber ($7.5 million); Frito-Lay ($2.4 million); among many others.

In fact, Crosner Legal has and currently does represent consumers and employees in multiple class action lawsuits against both employers and landlords for violations of background and credit checks. You can read more about the present credit background check lawsuits we have filed against employers here:

If you can recall any times over the past two years where you had your credit, criminal or background checked by a company or landlord, I urge you to contact our law firm by phone to see if you may have a claim. If you cannot speak right now because you’re at work or for any other reason, the next best thing is to submit to our online form with a brief description about your background or credit check and provide a time/date you’d like to speak.

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While our primary office is in Los Angles, at any given time Crosner Legal is representing client employees in any county in California, as well as in many other states. For this reason, our office has established meeting locations throughout California and the United States to meet with our client. We also utilize advanced software tools to ensure that our clients always have a means to get in touch with us.

We Are Leaders In Consumer Litigation

Our attorneys have received multiple awards for their expertise and have participated as executives in multiple pro bono lawyer committees and organizations relating to employment and labor laws.

Crosner Legal’s founding attorney, Zach Crosner, has named a Top 40 under 40 trial attorney by the National Trial Lawyers, an invitation-only organization. He has also named a Super Lawyers – Rising Star for multiple consecutive years, an award given to no more than 2.5 percent of attorneys in each state. Most recently, in 2019, Zach was lead counsel on two class action lawsuits that settled for $7.5 million and $5.75 million.

His father, Michael Crosner, has over 50 years experience as a trial attorney. Michael has successfully tried over 100 cases through verdict or judgment in a variety of areas of law and consistently obtained settlements against major corporations, insurance companies, municipalities and other public entities. He has been retained as a special contract attorney for the City of Santa Monica where he handled selected litigation and appeals. Most recently, he obtained a 1.25 million dollar settlement in a wrongful death motorcycle accident case; $1.1 million dollar settlement in a student bullying case where the highest offer made by the defense prior to mediation was less than $100k.; and several high six figure slip and fall victories in the past few years.

Read more about Zach and Michael, and the other attorneys/of counsels at Crosner Legal.


Most of our clients have had their rights violated by a large corporation. That usually hurts them financially, so it’s understandable that many cannot afford a lawyer. That’s why we take our cases on a contingent fee basis.

This means that, if we take your case, you pay nothing unless you win. We advance our time and litigation costs, and then we take a portion of what you recover and reimburse ourselves for the litigation costs we advanced.

The rest belongs to you!

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