What are the information and documents required or retrieved by background searches?

Aug 7, 2019 | Background Checks

Information present in background checks can vary in regards to accuracy. There are many cheap consumer services today that yield inaccurate results. Accuracy is, therefore determined by the resource used to come up with the information. As mentioned above, background check errors can also occur because of inaccurate legal reports filed in courts or because of normal court delays. To improve accuracy, you can run your own background check to see if the information you gather is accurate.

Identity & Social Security verification 

Anyone who is eligible to work in America must have a social security number. Job applicants are required to surrender this no. as part of the verification process. Your social security number yields a screening report that shows your name and address history. It can also show if the no. has been in use. SSN information helps to cross-reference information provided by job applicants to detect inaccuracies. 

Credit report 

Some background checks may require credit report information. If you are seeking employment in the financial industry sector, you may be required to have a good credit history for obvious reasons. Credit reports offer identity information such as name, address, and date of birth. Credit reports also contain credit inquiries, loan information, and A/Cs placed for collection. Such information uncovers past credit inquires identifying financial institutions and lenders which have requested a person’s credit report. 

Credit reports may contain information about previous bankruptcies, which can be a warning sign for employers seeking to hire you in job positions requiring you to handle money. High debt levels or excessive spending can be an indication of financial irresponsibility. 

Important: Employers can’t see bankruptcy information after 10 years as well as A/Cs placed for collection after 7 years. 

Driving records 

Although states can have varying rules and regulations on driving records, most allow checks as far as a decade. Some states allow just three years of records. 

Other records 

Background checks can also reveal military records, character references, worker’s compensation, drug test records, etc. However, different states have different laws governing how much information is available to third parties. 

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